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Photo Album

Whether it's life on an alpaca farm, adventures in alpaca shearing with our two certified shearers, following our fibre through the mill, or creating our luxurious alpaca products, here's your chance to share the moment. Click on the thumbnail to enlarge. Do you have photos from a recent visit to our farm or store? We'd love to see them!

Ripley and her new baby Mikey's Storm

Miss Kiki and Samson

New Babies

Sisko, Ziggy, Enzo and River

Snow Ryder!

Snowstorm? Bring it on! Alpaca Ryder doesn't mind, even if the drifts get too high for his cria legs, somebody can always pull him in his sled. His Fibre will keep him warm.

Hope he's hungry...

It looks like Nicoli the baby alpaca is munching his way through the snow drift to get to his favourite paddock. He and his buddy Hiro (in the coat) like to bury their heads under the snow and then shake it off.

Cria Attitude

Luna, Hiro and our little Liam (the one with attitude) often hang out together and play alpaca cria games. Games like chase, stomp the hay, and king of the hill. Liam may be the smallest of the three, but he loves to jump up and body check them as they run by. He'd make a great hockey player. He also likes to snorfle and trash talk his pals and is often giving them the "Oh No You Didn't..." head tilt.

Drying Hand painted Alpaca Sock Yarn

This is one of our specialties. Our unique colours and bigger 5.25 ounce skeins make this a best seller.

Hello New Kid

Samson welcomes a new arrival to the herd. Alpaca babies are called crias and are usually between 13-18 pounds at birth. They are usually up on their feet in the first hour of life.

Happiness is New Hay

Nothing makes these yearling alpaca boys happier than seeing a new bale of hay come into the paddock. Obviously, they have not yet discovered girls.

Drying Time

It takes a lot of alpaca fibre to make the products that keep people warm and cozy. After shearing and washing, this is where it hangs out waiting to dry.

Hannibal and the Hubby

Tender Care

Skye is one of our alpaca handlers and trainers, and she is always there on shearing day to comfort and reassure the alpacas. Skye loves all of the alpacas, but we know Samson is her favourite.

Meeting The People

During our Open House events, the alpacas come out and socialize with visitors to the farm and mill.

Technicolor Sock Yarn

Taken by one of our alpaca open house visitors, our shelf of hand painted sock yarn makes a statement.

Ernesto and his New Hat

A visitor to our Fibre Mill open house, Ernesto models his new alpaca hat in front of the spinner.


Alpaca babies nurse from mom for about 6-8 months - although Ryder here is so big his mamma may just wean him early.

Waiting For The Carder

This calico mixture is going to become some terrific Star Trekker Alpaca Hiking Socks.

The Mighty Magellan

Although we are Suri alpaca breeders, we do have some exceptional Huacaya alpacas residing with us. We are proud to host the extraordinary Huacaya herd from Divine Alpacas. Their fine crimpy fibre is a wonderful addition to all of our products, and they are very sweet natured. Here we see the Mighty Magellan, who has grown up to be quite a young stud.

Juno In The Snow

Here's our little Snowbelle, Juno. This sweetie has no problems dealing with a little snow. She and the other alpaca crias had a blast romping through our first real snowfall. She didn't seem to mind a cold nose. She's four months old.

Nuno Felting Adventures

Working on a large Nuno felting alpaca shawl - it didn't turn out quite the way I expected, but I learned a lot!


You know how a dog will rush to the door to greet you when you come home? Well Ozzie, our blue eyed white alpaca boy does the same thing. He is always so happy to see us, he runs to the gate with a friendly greeting, His Suri locks flowing in the breeze. Blue eyed whites are known for having abundant, fine fibre, and Ozzie is no exception. Some blue eyed white animals (alpacas, dogs, cats) can be deaf, but that's not the case with Ozzie. He's a farm favourite, and visitors always remark on his amazing light blue eyes. This year we made yarn and rovings from his wonderful fibre.

Buffy The Heart Slayer

If this girl doesn't steal your heart you may want to do an xray to see if you still have one. Buffy is our yearling gal out of our lovely Satine. We think of her as a baby still, but she's obviously growing up! She is still very devoted to her mom, and when her new little brother Sulu arrived this year she became a very doting big sister. It's interesting to see how alpacas retain their family units when they can, and even years later when we bring a boy over to visit the gals, you can see right away the recognition between mom and the siblings. I've also noticed it with bringing yearling boys to the big boy pastures. Our three herdsires go right for their progeny every time. Buffy will be bred this spring - technically she could have been bred this year but I like to give them an extra year to grow and mature before introducing them to the boys.

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