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Shearing Day

 Our Canadian Alpaca Products crew has been traveling to member farms and shearing the alpacas so we can bring you the softest socks, insoles, yarn and pattern kits for the coming year. The alpacas get a cooler hairstyle for the warm summer months and we get their wonderful fibre. In the 15-20 minutes that they are on the shearing table, the alpacas also have their nails and teeth checked and trimmed, their annual vaccinations, and a general health inspection.

Alpaca shearing holding the head.

Our Alpaca Whisperer Adria comforts one of the fluffy huacayas. She also uses lavender oil to help soothe the nervous alpacas.

Alpaca Shearing on the Graham Farm

Alpaca Shearing at Serenity Suris
 Rob and Vero made a great team.

Satine our tall Suri gal is next.

Alpaca fibre after shearing

Shearing a Suri Alpaca

Doc Jodi hugs Sandstorm as he waits his turn.

Llama shearing yields lovely fibre.

Family friend Captain Frank is always around to lend a hand on shearing day.

Alpaca in full fleece before shearing

These babies didn't know what all of the fuss was about.

Time to check out everyone's new haircuts.

Check our online store or The Cap Report to find out the amazing things we do with the alpaca fibre!

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